Important News for GetTakeOut and GetCurry Customers

Recent changes to Apple’s review guidelines require Restaurant owners to publish branded apps on the Apple (apps) Store under THEIR OWN Apple Developer Account.

We will still handle submitting your app FREE OF CHARGE.

Having talked directly with senior management at Apple, they have confirmed that in order to comply with Apple's terms and conditions, all submissions to the apps store have to be done under the Restaurant's own Apple Developer Account. This is a world-wide policy which affects every small business and beyond our control.

The cost of a Apple Developer Account is $99 (£75) per year. On the plus side, you will have access to your apps analytics, check the number of app downloads at any time and you will have overal control.

The change in policy made by Apple may seem daunting, but as always, we have you covered.

Below are the steps you need to take in order to create your own Apple Developer Account.

Let’s get started!

How to Set Up an Apple Developer Account

Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

• An Apple ID is required to use Apple Services. Click HERE to create your Apple ID, as you will not be able to proceed until this step is done.

• To start enrollment for the Apple Developer Program visit THIS PAGE and login to the developer section with your Apple ID.

• After logging in, you will be prompted to accept the Apple Developer Agreement in order to proceed.

• Next, you will select “Join the Apple Developer Program”.

• From there select the “enroll” button in the top right corner

• On the bottom of the next page, select the “start your enrollment” option.

• Proceed to the next screen and page fill out your business information, agree to the legal agreements and then select the purchase button.

That’s it!

You now have a fully functioning Developer account with Apple.

Now you can either let us have your Apple ID and password (Will be kept confidential and secure).

OR if you are concerned about giving us your Apple ID you can 'grant us access' to your Apple Developer Account, here’s how:

Grant us Access to Your Apple Developer Account

TWO invitations are required to grant us the access we need to publish an app on your behalf.

Invitation 1: Apple Developer Console

• From the Apple Developer console navigate to People > Invitations.

• Send the Rick Kord Team an invitation with Admin rights.

• The invitation should be addressed to:
First name: Rick
Last Name: Kord
Team: Rick Kord

(Please note that you can revoke our access to your developer account at any time).

Invitation 2: iTunes Connect Instructions

• Navigate to and log in with your Apple ID credentials.

• Once logged in, click on ‘Users and Roles’.

• Click on the ‘+’ sign to add a new user.

• Next, you will send the second invitation to the Rick Kord Team.

Enter the user information for this new account:
First name: Rick
Last Name: Kord

Then click Next.

• Assign permissions to this new user. Select the 'Admin' role by checking the box next to it. This permission will allow us to publish the app on your behalf.

We will not be able to publish the app for you without the Admin role assigned. Click Next.

• In the next section, you are asked to edit the notification settings for this account. You can leave the default values as they are, then click Save.

• You will then be taken back to the Users and Roles overview.

The email invitation has been sent to us. The invitation will be accepted by Rick at GetCurry or GetTakeOut.

Email GetCurry or GetTakeOut

The last step is to email us including the following details in your email:

• Your App ID (found on the Rick Kord dashboard).

• The name you chose for your Apple Developer Account. To locate the name, log into your Apple’s Developer account and proceed to the Overview section in the top left corner of the screen. The developer name will be in all capital letters.

• The email address associated with your Apple Developer Account.

• Please ensure that you invited Rick Kord to the Apple Developer Console (with admin rights) and iTunes Connect (with admin rights).

That’s it, we’ll take it from there!

We will be in touch to let you know as soon as your app is submitted.


As from September 2018, the only way a branded app can be published at the Apple Store is for the Restaurant to have THEIR OWN Apple Developer Account. (Apps on Google Play are unaffected).

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

If you need assistance, please email: or call: 07383 358636 or call: 07380 457160


Customers who are currently enjoying a published IOS app will not be affected unless there is an update. In which case they will also need their own Apple Developer Account. We will keep you posted as to any updates due.